Guide to using fonts on your Mac

by fontspace

You've made it to the blog of the best place in the web to download free fonts. So, after browsing through the selection like a kid at a candy store you've identified some fresh new fonts for your collection. We want to make it easy to add these typefaces to your Mac and make them available to your design and word processing programs. Here's a few easy steps to follow. 

Be sure you are using a supported browser, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. 

The next step to download fonts is either to REGISTER with our site, or make sure you enable cookies on your browser. We recommend that you register, so that you can be a part of supportive community of creatives and curious letter seekers.  As a member you can participate in our FORUM; a great place to ask questions and share input. 

When you see a font you want to use, click the Download link button and save the file to your chosen computer location. Double-click the zip file (it will have a zipper in the icon), and this will open a folder. In the folder you will find the fonts and it's variations as OpenType files (otf) or TrueType files (ttf). Preview the fonts by double-clicking on them. The Font Book application will open and preview the font. A pop-up menu at the top of the window will help you preview other available variations of the font. 

Click the "Install Font" button if you've are reviewed the font and are ready to add this font to your collection. By clicking "Add Fonts" in the File menu, you can add numerous fonts at once by selecting the available folder containing multiple fonts, click "Open" to install the desired selection.

The Font Book automatically validates the new fonts in search of any issues. if you are using your personal computer note that by default, Font Book will install fonts in a location where the font will only be available to the current user account. Otherwise, install fonts in a location where they will be available to all users on the computer, by choosing Font Book > Preferences, then click on "Computer" from the "Default Install Location" drop menu. Follow prompt. 

The Font Book application will also help you, remove a font, organize fonts into collections, disable and enable specific fonts and, validate problematic fonts. 

Becoming a member is a great idea because you can add fonts to a list of favorites, as well as giving star ratings. These steps help the community keep track of what is popular out there, and they help you quickly find the fonts that have made an impression on you. Once you've registered with the site, contact us or reach out to members of the forum to seek additional advice. We look forward to reading the writing on the wall.