Handwriting fonts let you add a personal touch

by fontspace

Many of us find it easier to write on a computer.  We can save our documents, make easy changes, and send documents thousands of miles with the click of a button.  Plus, let's be honest, we all rely on spellcheck far more than we'd like to admit.

For all their inconvenience, the image of handwritten letters still conveys a personal and individual feel to the recipient.  The large selection of handwriting fonts at FontSpace allows message to have the feel of a personal touch while still maintaining the convenience and ledgibility of computer typing.  FontSpace has thousands of handwriting fonts to choose from, but some user favorites are:

  • Emily Lime: this free-flowing sript looks like the casual, intimate pen of a true friend.
  • Sugar Pie: This blocky, hand-written one has a fun, child-like flair of making things fancy without making them pretentious.  Many of us may remember penning such letters as children.  It is perfect for inviting friends to a sleepover.
  • Whatever It Takes: This is the careful script of someone who is not a caligrapher, but still takes his time.  Resembling a father's block lettering, it can be sent to a child from afar, such as from a deployed soldier, when hand-written mail is impossible.
  • Notera: This font speaks of a person reaching out eagerly. A hasty love letter in this font feels heartfelt and passionate.

Remember that, before your reader even looks at the first word, they will see the font you chose, and that will be the first message they receive.  Send something more than Times New Roman.  Send a letter that says "I love you" as soon as they open it.  For more ideas on how FontSpace can help you say what needs to be said, please contact us.