Tell a story with the fonts you choose

by fontspace

When you meet a person, their posture, facial expression, and clothing will tell you a full story before they even open their mouth.  Likewise, the fonts you choose will tell your reader a story without needing words.  The thousands of fonts at FontSpace allow you to create the perfect setting for your writing.  Are you writing a book, leaving notes in a scavenger hunt, or trying to add personal flair to a movie or live performance?  If so, here are a few user favorites that tell a story in themselves:

  • Quilted Butterfly: The handwriting of an eloquent madman. Who knows what Lovecraftian horrors or obsessive loves have been described in this penmanship.
  • One Two Trees: Taking you into the heart of a magical wilderness, this font opens a path into the darkest woods, foreboding, yet irresistibly tempting.
  • Rayando: These letters weren't written in ink, but rather by the burnt sticks from a post-apocalyptic fire pit.  It's a touch of civilization in a world that sorely needs it.
  • Santos Dumont: The perfect script to adorn an ancient map or letter.  This will tell you where to find the treasure of Monte Cristo or burial site of Ponce de Leon.

Sometimes you can't count on your words to tell the whole story.  People glancing at the cover of a book or a mysterious letter will form their opinions in a split second, and may miss your point entirely if the font feels wrong. 

Please look at these, and the thousands of other wonderful fonts that FontSpace has to offer.  You are sure to find the right feeling to go along with your words.  As always, please contact us for more ways that we can help bring your vision to life.