The Official Fonts of Awesome

by fontspace

Sweden takes their fonts seriously, and hey, we can get behind that. The country recently adopted a national font.

Created by a team of Swedish designers, Sweden Sans will be the reigning font on national websites and many printed materials. Combined with the official yellow and blue chosen alongside Sweden Sans, the firm but humble font is reminiscent of those Ikea trips we spent lost in a maze of Swedish ingenuity. We give Sweden an A+ on branding.

Here in America, diversity is our middle name (awesome is our first), so check out a few of our picks for state and national pride:

LMS Star Spangled: We Americans are a bit loud, a bit flashy, and we are pretty proud of it. 

Urban Jungle: For the New Yorker braving the trials of subway travel and defying the laws of space with compact apartment living.

Raw Denim Audacity: Don't mess with Texas, but do mess with this font for a modern western feel.

KBTropicalVACATION: A fun, whimsical font, use it to tell everyone you're headed to Florida. Be jealous. 

KR California Sun: You'll definitely get your share of sun from this California-inspired creation.

Walter: We know Disney isn't a state, but maybe it should be. The mouse certainly is part of the American experience. 

KG Small Town Southern Girl: "When life hands you lemons, squeeze them into sweet tea and thank God you were born a Southern girl." If you hail from Mississippi, it's hard to say it better than that y'all.

American Purpose: We're bold; we're strong; we're full of, you guessed it, purpose. 

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