The Power of Emoticons in Business

by fontspace

The use of emoticons has exploded over the past decade. They are a significant part of communication in everyday life for many people. They are even acceptable in the realm of business. Their popularity spans all generations, from young children to the elderly. This raises the question, “why are we so intrigued by them?” Here are a few primary contributing factors to the growth and power of emoticons.

Ability to Relate

Facial expressions are a universal language. Everyone understands their meaning, regardless of language differences. We relate easily to the emotions displayed on a face, whether it be human or digital. We respond to these pictures better than we do text. It is a simple matter of human nature. We pay attention to and understand facial expressions.


Emoticons often come across as friendly and casual. They are especially helpful in situations involving criticism or negative comments. They take some of the sting and harshness out of potentially confrontational conversations. They are particularly prominent on social media platforms and a number of businesses use them, taking advantage of the approachable perception.


The diversity in emoticons is constantly expanding. People enjoy having the latest “hip” images available. Keeping up with this trend allows companies to portray themselves as innovative and “cool.” This is decidedly true if your demographic is the younger population. However, as stated earlier, even older people love them.

The true power of emoticons is within the people who share and use them. There is no question that they are immensely favored. They are welcoming and fashionable. Any business or entrepreneur wanting to connect with customers on a personal level should consider using them.

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