The right font for the right project

by fontspace

Whether you are a graphic designer making a new logo or a fashion designer designing your own print, Every designer knows that the right fonts can make or break a project.  There are key points to remember when choosing the right font for your project, and we would like to help you find just what you are looking for.  

Readability- This seems like a very common sense thing to remember, but it is listed first because it is the most important. While Primitive, Gaellenumber9, and Genotype BRK are amazing fonts, they are probably less than ideal if what you are designing is targeted for middle aged and elderly people.  They can be difficult to read for tired or older eyes.  Fonts such as Trench, TimeBurner, and Lintel are simple, clean, and easily legible from a distance.

Pairing- Rarely in any project is just one font used, start to finish.  There are different fonts for the body of the work, the title, the logo, etc.  It is important that what ever fonts you choose they should compliment each other, not battle.  Mardian DemoRespective, and Billion Stars are all beautiful flowing script that would clash with the fun and blocky WLM Carton, Mars,  and Amstel Heavy fonts.

Match your design- Yet another common sense rule.  When you choose your font, it should match what you are designing.  If you are making a Transformers painting for your little brother, using the adorable Cookie Monster, or Dinosaurs are alive are probably not going to show Optimus Prime in the right light.  Match the tone, the visual appeal, and the feeling you want to convey.

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