What Are the Most Used Emojis? Expressions as the New Way to Communicate

by fontspace

There isn't a doubt that emojis have become the most popular tool in communication, with hints we'll almost have a language in emoji before long. But if you're looking to use emoji as fonts in your business or in other forms of communication, which ones are the most popular and effective?

Recently, a new report from SwiftKey compiled the most popular emojis used in the world. The results were quite interesting, including showing how emojis are becoming literal icons of expression to convey emotions.

For business marketing, this is becoming very important in capturing the right mood of consumers.

The World of Emoji Faces

Perhaps not surprisingly, the SwiftKey report shows that happy and sad faces are the top two emojis used today. While perhaps generic, it shows a direct correlation with emojis and emotion when people communicate. Third and fourth were hearts and hand gestures as the other forms of communicating heartfelt or controversial thoughts.

Hand gestures are the most sensitive expressions in the world due to their varying meanings in other countries. Nevertheless, when combining those with different emoji faces, more diverse emojis from Apple will perhaps create equally compelling forms of expression. When it's usually impossible to read the emotions of people online, these could be very valuable in your own marketing or communication efforts.

Perhaps not surprisingly, though, violent emojis ranked at #10. Also, as proof that film and book discussions are still being done verbally, film and reading material emojis were the last ranked at #59 and #60.

What Categories Make Up American Emojis?

According to the above report, female-oriented emojis fall into the top emoji category leaders. This is very valuable information for marketers and shows that women are perhaps using emojis more often than men to convey particular emotions.

Others on the list were royalty, tech, LGBT themes, plus meat. As disparate as those categories are, you can see a portrait of America there. This differs considerably from other countries where emoji categories like babies and cats are more popular.

It's an interesting time in emoji evolution. Here at FontSpace, we're here to help you incorporate emojis into fonts for your marketing plans or communication needs.

Contact us so we can start working with you, or if you need traditional fonts to convey a message or idea. With regular font style possibilities expanding as well, creating emotion in communication is becoming more compelling every day.