What Does Your Company's Typography Say?

by fontspace

Whether you're heading a startup or revamping an existing company, nailing your brand is a game changer in the business world. When your communication to the public is clean, consistent, and targeted, it gives you a significant competitive edge. For instance, developing an optimal logo with just the right colors can make or break a new product. And of course, it's essential to use thoughtful wording when you explain who you are and what you do. What some companies don't realize is that the look and feel of those words is almost equally important.    

The typography you choose to represent your organization has an enormous effect on your audience. The feelings that a particular font stirs up in viewers can determine the impact of an entire marketing campaign or the ultimate success of a product. London-based design agency, Lono Creative, recently noted in a blog post,

Brands need to carefully consider their font choices. You may like a particular typeface that looks creative or imaginative, but consider the messages it sends when it’s used in your copy to advertise your business and services. Ask yourself, ‘"What are the subliminal messages of this font?" and "What overall image am I getting from this advertisement?"

There are obvious concerns like readability, but choosing the right typography for your business goes far beyond that. You also don't want to just blend in with the crowd. It's tempting to fall back on a widely used font because it's readily available. However, many of the traditional ones have been overused and now conjure up very specific responses in readers. In the long run, choosing something more unique that truly represents the goals of your business can make an unbelievable difference.

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