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StarJedi Special Edition font

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StarJedi Special Edition font by Boba Fonts
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This Star Wars logo font is based upon the official Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition logo typeface. Star Jedi Special Edition is a titling (capitals only) font, with a lot of variations and connections. Please, take a look at the charset tables and the samples in the Word97 guide contained into the zip archive

Star Jedi Special Edition is a bold font derived from the original Star Jedi. The lowercase are all capitals, while the capitals are serif variants of the lowercase. A few simple link-lines allow you to create complex letter groups, as it's shown below in the samples chapter.

StarJedi Special Edition sample text
StarJedi Special Edition (1.09) StarJedi Special Edition.ttfView Font Info 176 characters — View All


  • swiftbones avatar
    Thank you so much for this awesome font! I made a wallpaper for Ubuntu Mate with it that i think looks great(with your help). This is a link to it on G+
    I also put up a link to your font on my G+ post.
  • nursekdj avatar
    How do you do the @ sign? When I try it-it says star wars...
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