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RusticBlackShadow font by Character
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The Dan Solo publications use some confusing names for the Rustic Family.
In the Solotype Catalog of 4,147 typefaces, RUSTIC is shown with a black shadow. RUSTIC WHITESHADOW has a white shadow.

However, the Solotype digital font named RUSTIC has no shadow. Similar no-shadow fonts are also available as Pinewood (by Rick Mueller and one by Dieter Steffmann) and as Woody (by DincType).

As of October, 2011, no digitized version of Rustic Whiteshadow is known. Character has produced a font named RusticBlackShadow, which matches the font named Rustic in the Solotype Catalog. Dick Pape had created an earlier version named "Pepin Press Caps FA204", based on fonts contained in the Pepin Press book "Fancy Alphabets".

- Character
October, 2011

RusticBlackShadow sample text
RusticBlackShadow (1.000 2011 init) RusticBlackShadow.otfView Font Info 75 characters — View All


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    See related fonts Pinewood
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(c) 'Character' 2011. All rights waived. Based on an unnamed graphic alphabet distributed with a large clip-art collection. Matches 'Rustic' in the Solotype Catalog.


Public Domain


1.000 2011 initial release


Please refer to the Copyright section for the font trademark attribution notices.

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