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There's really not a lot to tell about this font. I just typed the
whole alphabet on my mom's old typewriter, scaned it, and and made
the font.

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  • saltlakejohn avatar
    Good specialty effect. Its use is best limited to large size titles and occasional accents. Don't overdo this effect -- it will quickly grow tiresome.
  • eqmartin avatar
    Is it just me, or is the #1 missing? Otherwise, LOVE this font, thank you!
  • fontspace avatar
    @eqmartin You're right! That's odd, maybe someone will offer to add in the #1
  • linderj1 avatar
    I seem to remember having an old typewriter and being told that the lowercase "L" was also used as the number 1 - could this be the case (pun intended)? However, it might be inconvenient to remember when using the font.
  • fontspace avatar
    @linderj1 Thanks, I didn't realize that. The L works very well for a 1
  • Bjarke avatar

    I need to use zero as well.
    Would that then be a capital o?
  • handy avatar
    I have uploaded a version with the 1 and 0 mapped to the appropriate keyboard keys. Minimise your frustration and get it here
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Copyright Christoph Mueller 1997