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    About Code2001 Font

    Code2001 is a Plane 1 Unicode-based font (TTF).

    Code2001 presently includes Old Persian Cuneiform, Deseret, Tengwar, Cirth, Old Italic, Gothic, Aegean Numbers, Cypriot Syllabary, Pollard Script, Old Persian Cuneiform, Phoenician, and Ugaritic. Provisional scripts are encoded in Private Use Areas, both in the Basic Multilingual Plane and Plane Fifteen. ISO-8859-01 is included for backwards compatibility (and because it is required by the specifications). As in the last few versions -- rough glyphs for many of the scripts which were recently added to Unicode are now found in the font. These rough, filler glyphs were added quickly in order to enable testing of these additions. These rough glyphs will be improved as time allows, meanwhile they should be better than those little squares.

    Please note that scripts like Tengwar and Cirth are not yet part of any international standard. These scripts have been proposed for inclusion but lack approval. Users are warned that the Private Use Area code points will NOT be the final code points in which these scripts become approved. Furthermore, the proposals themselves often change. In an effort to keep this font avant-garde, when the proposals are amended, the code points of these provisional scripts in the font will need to be changed, too.

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