Coverface SE Font

by Igor C. Barros

Vag Rounded

3 font family styles

Regular Style

Coverface Light SE
truetype 197 glyphs 656 characters

Coverface SE Style

Coverface SE
truetype 529 glyphs 656 characters

Bold Style

Coverface SE Bold
truetype 248 glyphs 656 characters
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    About Coverface SE Font

    Reconstitution of a originally bitmapped font used on some character generators of a large Brazilian TV station from circa 30 years ago, so the weight is medium and can be some heavy to plain text.
    I liked that typeface so much, and I decided to made the font in TrueType format, because it doesn't existed (unlike FHWA fonts, from road signing, that existed physically and were officially made), and incredibly doesn't exists till today! I decided to made the font because the most hard to do - a plain trace with rounded tips - is already made by the softwares I used, as Inkscape.
    "Coverface" comes from a satire of mine at YouTube called "Salt Cover" (see tvsaltcover channel) that parodied Brazilian Television stations, and on making this font I wanted to make the best parodies of the world - well, I still achieved it, but the font is here.
    This font is in development since 2006 and nothing hinders it to have future versions...
    All the options reproduce the three most frequent sizes the font appeared on-screen. Bold is the smaller, roman is a little larger and light is the largest and uppercase only (and it had small caps, very oftenly seen).
    I thinked a lot if I should put this font at FontSpace. I'm only uploading it because there's nothing like released by any foundry - I think that it should! - and this font developed well, now it's a nice font, and I think people would like it.
    Expect for future versions, apparently foreign accented characters are not the same on all the fonts.


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