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Cami Rae limited font

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Cami Rae limited font by CraftThings
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Cami Rae Regular sample text
Cami Rae Regular (Version 1.400;P) CamiRae-Regular.otfView Font Info 71 characters — View All


  • laurabecker avatar
    I have downloaded this 3 times and its giving me a different font than shown.
  • fontspace avatar
    @laurabecker If you've installed the CamiRae-Regular.otf, you'll get exactly what the preview shows here. Just tried it out.
  • laurabecker avatar
    when mine downloads it downloads Cari Rae Limited and it looks different than this
  • laurabecker avatar
    and if you look- this on the download says cami rae limited, not regular so I don't know how to get the regular
  • fontspace avatar
    @laurabecker Yes, the font only has limited characters (uppercase/lowercase and numbers). The designer mentions you need to buy the font to get the premium version with all the extra characters.
  • sansully avatar
    I am getting the same result as @laurabecker -the font on the unzipped file looks like the above, but in my fonts-it is a simple serif font.
    Any solution??
  • sansully avatar
    @fontspace It is not that it is limited-I only want caps-it is that it installs as a different font
  • laurabecker avatar
    Thank you @sansully, I was trying to say that even after checking all capitals and all lowercase none of the font is anything but serif...this font didn't apply to any of the alphabet. Even capitals. Its like it doesn't work or something
  • laurabecker avatar
    @sansully I love fontspace and I use it all the time I was just trying to say something is wrong here, but after I was told multiple times that I was just missing what letters it applied to I stopped commenting but it never has worked on any of my letters.
  • sansully avatar
    @laurabecker me too.
  • Jolynn056 avatar
    Having the same problem as above. The download states CamiRae-Regular on zip file. I open the CamiRae-Regular but it downloads as CamiRae-limited. The font is nothing like what the file shows.
  • russmc3 avatar
    I haven't seen the problem on a Mac. It may be a PC issue. I have uploaded a new copy of the font. Let me know if anything changes.
  • sansully avatar
    @russmc3 that one is brilliant! thank you so much
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Copyright (c) 2018 by Russ McMullin. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2018 by Russ McMullin. All rights reserved.


Private use is permitted. For commercial use, please contact the designer.


Russ McMullin


Version 1.400;PS 001.400;hotconv 1.0.88;makeotf.lib2.5.64775


Cami Rae Regular is a trademark of Russ McMullin.


Russ McMullin
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