Dearest Font

by West Wind Fonts

Old English

3 font family styles

Regular Style

truetype 177 glyphs 193 characters

Open Regular Style

Dearest Open
truetype 177 glyphs 193 characters

Outline Regular Style

Dearest Outline
truetype 177 glyphs 193 characters
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    12 years ago

    yeah this great

    12 years ago

    Hello! I just printed your font Dearest Open and how beautiful it is and how talented you are! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this font, it is for my best friend whom I painted a card for in Chinese Brush Painting of a Crysanthemum which in China stands for; "Moral strength and cheerfulness in the face of adversity." She threw a blood clot and it lodged in her middle toe on her left foot just last Friday the 22nd of July and by Monday July 25th in the morning it had turned into gangrene (I don['t know if I spelled that right but it looked like a mummy toe) they have taken off a good chunck of her foot and a couple of toes and while I was on the phone with her and I was crying (naturally) she said "oh so what it is only a couple of toes." What a trooper. I told her that if they amputated her legs up to her knee caps they could graft on knitting needles and she could knit with her legs and her hands. We survive on dark humor. What ever God you pray to or if you do, please pray for my best friend and stongest woman I know (53 years old) for a speedy healing and that she slow down a tad now. Thanks for the font. I will go into the card at the end of my calligraphy pen. Most Sincerely, Victory Lee

    almost 12 years ago

    Lovely font, thk u so much! and a lovely name too!