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Odishi(TM) <br>(c)1997, Digital Empires Inc.. All rights reserved. <br>Freeware version <br> <br>Odishi took a while to create. The process <br>involved corel draw for the bare bones part of <br>the font, then Fontographer was use to make the <br>font accurate and uniform. Kerning and spacing were <br>used. This is a full feature type. We generated <br>Adobe type1 and True Type. Again, we only made them <br>available in the Windows format, for now. We intend <br>to explore the tectonics to generate Mac font formats <br>Although these are some of the first fonts coming <br>out of Digital Empires Fontware foundry, we intend <br>on improving them. Don't you just love updates <br>and patches. <br> <br>Odishi(TM) is a strong and sexy type. A while back <br>I commissioned some artwork for an idea of nasty <br>or bad girls. A really strong n' hot babe needs a <br>strong n' sexy type. <br> <br>Odishi (TM) is shareware. If you like, keep it, <br>and use this font, please check out our web page at <br>WWW.DigitalEmpires.com for pricing (the font will <br>probably never be more than $10). <br> <br>Feel free to share this font with others, <br>but please include this documentation. <br> <br>Thanks, <br> <br>Steve <br> <br>email: Webmaster@DigitalEmpires.com <br>


Copyright © Digital Empires Inc 1997. All rights reserved


Stephen Tune


ver. 001.059


Digital Empires Inc.


Digital Empires Inc.
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