DOOM Eternal Font

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DOOM Eternal Font

7 font family styles

Regular Style

Eternal Logo
truetype 312 glyphs 456 characters

Bold Style

Eternal UI Bold
truetype 257 glyphs 454 characters

Eternal UI Regular Style

Eternal UI Regular
truetype 425 glyphs 454 characters

Eternal Ancient Style

Eternal Ancient
truetype 324 glyphs 461 characters

2 Bold Style

Eternal UI 2 Bold
truetype 260 glyphs 454 characters

2 Regular Style

Eternal UI 2 Regular
truetype 413 glyphs 454 characters

Eternal Battle Bold Style

Eternal Battle Bold
truetype 319 glyphs 330 characters
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    About DOOM Eternal Font

    A set of fonts based on the DOOM Eternal logo and the in-game UI. The UI fonts will be obsolete when someone manages to extract the real deal from the game.

    The Eternal Logo font comes with 6 ligatures for the nameplate and the Eternal wordmark. You can check the poster for additional details. (Not guaranteed to work with programs that don't support ligatures.)

    (Update 1 8/25/20): After the reveal of the Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC logo, I made another font called Eternal Ancient (which is just modified Turnpike), plus the Eternal Logo now has Cyrillic language support.

    (Update 2 3/7/22): I tweaked the fonts a bit (mostly readjusting their kernings) and in UI fonts' case, redrew them from scratch after finding their source material. Instead of removing the older versions, I'll keep them as some sort of a legacy option due to how widespread it has become in Doom community.

    (Update 3 3/9/22): A new font has joined the set, which was based on the Battlemode wordmark. It also features ligatures for these words "battle, horde and mode".

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    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for uploading this. I really needed the fonts and the eternal bar.

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Alexander Huseman
    2 years ago

    Is there any way that I can implement any of these fonts into Google Docs?

    2 years ago

    @Husemana what do you mean?

    2 months ago

    This font fits my science fiction military organization perfectly, the style for the letters fits the style of the International Space Defense Command, or ISDC for short. Love it!