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I'm A Font Designer font by Dry Heaves
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I'm A Font Designer (2003; 1.0, init) imafontdesigner.ttfView Font Info 16 characters — View All

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  • albertuk avatar
    I made an account just to write this. You, my friend, you are a champ. I nearly choke after browsing 61 pages of fonts and suddenly seeing this.

    You made my day, or even my week. 10/10
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A Dry Heaves Fonts freeware dingbat font. This font was made by me with pictures of me for my wife. If you decide to use it for your personal use, please don't use me in a 'nasty' manner. Find Dry Heaves Fonts at www.drybohnz.com


Copyright (c) Phillip G. Andrade, 2003. All rights reserved.


2003; 1.0, initial release

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