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DVMarticulations font by DVM Publications
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DVMarticulations solves a consistent problem with the articulations in music fonts: how to center them properly. Most font characters have the origin point (the "handle" that users have to drag to move them) in the lower left hand corner. If the user wants to center the marking on a notehead, a numeric offset has to be used to move the center of the character over/under the notehead. DVMarticulations has the origin point directly in the center of the character, so that when the character is "centered" over a notehead, it really is centered. In addition, there are some uncommon characters included (glissandi with up-arrows and down-arrows, "Mozart" carets, "long" square fermatas) and the tenuto and accents are thicker than most other articulation fonts. The "regular" fermata is also somewhat smaller and rounder than most other music fonts' fermatas.

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DVMarticulations v. 1.4. Copyright (c) 1994-1996 by DVM Publications.


Altsys Fontographer 4.0.3 6/7/98