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Emily Lime Words font

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Emily Lime Words font by Emily Lime Design
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This fun collection of words was created using Emily Lime Pro - visit me on if you are interested in the actual fonts used to create these words.

EmilyLimeWords sample text
EmilyLimeWords (Version 1.000) Emily Lime Words.otfView Font Info 62 characters — View All


  • EmilyLime avatar
    Hi there! I hope you all like my new fonts. 😄 The open-type version inputs an exclamation when you hit the space bar, so I'm planning to upload a corrected version shortly. Thanks for taking a look!
  • EmilyLime avatar
    Ok...should be corrected.
  • opeysmama avatar
    These are lovely! Thank you.
  • EmilyLime avatar
    Thanks @opeysmama! 😄
  • EmilyLime avatar
    Hi guys- my Pro fonts are only $5 on my etsy site for a very limited time (until my fonts are launched on! Be the first to get them!
  • Katiecarr29 avatar
    Considering this for a tattoo - I love the feeling this font conveys.
  • EmilyLime avatar
    That means so much! Thank you, I hope it works out!
  • RawrFonts avatar
    truly amazinggg! i love it?*
  • esmeraldaabero89 avatar
    I love it!!!!!
  • delena4ever avatar
    i wish that was my signature.... ??? ^_^???!
  • chazah avatar
    Thk u. Lovely font!
  • angel2013 avatar
    Fancy Font. oo la la 😄
  • skomii avatar
    How beautiful... <3
  • staceyjoan avatar
    I love this font! Thank you so much for making these beautiful fonts available. I love changing fonts while journaling to change the mood. Thanks again!!
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Copyright (c) 2011 by Emily Lime Design. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by Emily Conners. All rights reserved.


Emily Conners


Version 1.000


Emily Lime Words is a trademark of Emily Conners.


Emily Conners
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