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Crossword font

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Crossword font by Eric Perlin
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This font is designed for the creation of crossword puzzles. Now you don't need to buy any special software programs to create a crossword puzzle. All you need to create a professional-looking crossword puzzle is this font and any standard word processing or publishing program.

The keys are mapped from 1 to 92.

To get a blank square, type the tilda (~) left of the number 1. To get a solid black square, type the same key while holding the shift key.

Keys 1 through 9 are mapped as numbered squares 1 through 9. From there, follow the keys in a standard keyboard from left to right to get the rest of the numbers. EVERY character key is utilized. The lowercase p is mapped to square 22, and the key right of the p, the opening square bracket, is mapped to 23.

The last key, the forward slash (/), is mapped to 46. For numbers 47-92, go back to the 1 key and follow the same sequence, but this time while holding down the shift key.

Crossword sample text
Crossword (Mary) CROSSWOR.TTFView Font Info 105 characters — View All


  • myangelsmom avatar
    I can think of a dozen ways to use this font in our school! Have you considered doing one where the numbers correlate to their "partner" in the alphabet? It'd be cool for codes!
  • fontsarethebest77 avatar
    oh, yeah! why didn't i think of that? because it's my first time to see the font!!!
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Freeware by Eric Perlin




A work in progress...