ET Artilux Typeface Font

by etipos

ET Artilux Typeface Font

7 font family styles

Regular Style

ET Artilux Regular
truetype 305 glyphs 310 characters

Rounded Style

ET Artilux Rounded
truetype 305 glyphs 310 characters

Dots Style

ET Artilux Dots
truetype 305 glyphs 310 characters

Horizontal Style

ET Artilux Horizontal
truetype 306 glyphs 310 characters

Vertical Style

ET Artilux Vertical
truetype 306 glyphs 310 characters

Ink Style

ET Artilux Ink
truetype 306 glyphs 310 characters

Text Style

ET Artilux Text
truetype 306 glyphs 310 characters
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    About ET Artilux Typeface Font

    Etipos Artilux
    Monospaced Pixel Serif Typeface
    +7 Styles/Layers
    Latin Simple language support

    ARTILUX, born from the essence of pixel typography, is a Monospaced Serif typeface crafted on a 10x12 grid. Beyond being a mere pixel font, ET Artilux transcends as a versatile tool, designed to complement the skill and creativity of its users. Artilux is available in two versions: TEXT and DISPLAY, each offering unique attributes to elevate your designs.

    TEXT Version:
    The text version of Artilux comes with outlined characters to make it ideal for plain text, ensuring readability and performance. Whether you're crafting documents, presentations, or web content, Artilux Text delivers a clean and professional aesthetic. With its subtle yet distinctive pixelated charm, this version adds a touch of character to any project without overpowering the content.

    DISPLAY Version:
    On the other hand, the display version of Artilux unleashes your creativity with every pixel. This version allows you to explore the full potential of pixel art and decorative typography. With layers that enable you to experiment and create captivating patterns, Artilux Display is perfect for eye-catching headlines, posters, covers, animation and more.


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