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Nefertina font by Etherbrian
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Helpful Information All About This Nifty Typeface Your features may not be chiselled but your typography can be. And with this face (not the kind with eyes and lips) tones and/or color are easily added on the fly (not the kind with wings and sticky feet). The lowercase letters create the shadowed portion of each character while the uppercase provides a mask which becomes the "lit" portion. Text is typed in lowercase, then it is duplicated and placed behind the original text box. The color of the duplicated text is changed and then you're cooking up some 3D, baby! All letters are uppercase. Numbers' masks are created by pressing SHIFT plus the number. The only other character provided is the period (because you've gotta have a dot in this dot com world).

Nefertina sample text
Nefertina (Macromedia Font) NEFERTIN.TTFView Font Info 251 characters — View All


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