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Far East
truetype 66 glyphs 74 characters
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    About Far East Font

    Amaze your friends. Astound people with your linguistic Acumen.
    Explain to them that on a recent trip to the far east you discovered
    the secret of easily understanding this writing. Then simply tilt
    your head to the left and read it plain as day.

    You see, this font is really just the Latin alphabet made to look
    like an exotic far east script and tilted on its side. Use all caps
    to achieve this effect and write your text vertically, from bottom
    to top. For instance, if you wanted your text to say "your name
    here" you would write it like this:

    R E E
    U M R
    O A E
    Y N H

    This font is not strictly a monospace font, but all the characters
    are the same width except for the space, which is half the width.
    Using '\' will produce a full sized space.

    This font can also be written out horizontally, which is easier for
    graphics programs or if you just want to write with this font
    normally. But what fun would that be? The right side up characters
    are the lower case.

    Numbers are available also. The actual numbers are right-side-up.
    The sideways ones are the symbols for each number key. It's the
    shifted number, kind of like a capital letter, see.

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    Faire part oriental
    10 years ago

    Very nice job !!!