fatayah irhami - A Chic script font

by YonTypeStudio Co

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fatayah irhami
truetype 213 glyphs 267 characters
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    About fatayah irhami - A Chic script font

    FATAYAH IRHAMI Fonts are beautiful slick scripts that are suitable for branding, wedding invitations, and other romantic projects.
    -fatayah irhami.otf (all letters)-fatayah irhami tail.otf (start & end swash. Shift “letter” = left side swash. “letter” = right side swash)-fatayah irhami heart.otf (connecting heart swash)
    Note:If you buy, you will get 3 font files. They are “fatayah irhami”, “fatayah irhami tail”, and “fatayah irhami heart that connects the heart”. I made it into 3 files so that it would be easier for beginners to useTo display the start of the swash, you select “fatayah irhami tail”. For example, you would type “shopia ronald” with the beginning ending the swash and connecting hearts. Step: Select “fatayah irhami tail” and press shift s. You will get the letter s with the initial swash.Then, you choose “fatayah irhami” for normal / regular letters. Type “hopi”. After that, select “fatayah irhami heart that connects the heart”, type “a”, so you will get the letter a with the heart.Next, you select “fatayah irhami” again to type “pap”.Then, select “fatayah irhani tail”, type “d” (without shift), so you will get the letter d with the end of the swash.Voilaa You will get a display of words like my preview cover.
    Please send a message if you have questions or problems.

    Note: This Font is free for personal use only.

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    my shop ==> https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/fatayah-irhami/

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