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Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_dem font

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Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_dem font by FontsCafe
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Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_demo sample text
Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_demo (Version 1.00 Au) Chalk-hand-lettering-shaded_demo.ttfView Font Info 52 characters — View All


  • jenaarnia avatar
    If only I had a chalkboard...
  • IzabelaKenobi avatar
    Pretty font!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @jenaarnia You don't need a chalkboard now! 😉 LOL
  • fontscafe avatar
    @IzabelaKenobi Thank you! 😄
  • THEMrsPeel avatar
    thanks so much LOVE it!!!!!
  • fontscafe avatar
    @THEMrsPeel Glad you love it! 😄 Cheers!
  • higgipoo6 avatar
    I really, really am enjoying the chalkboard fonts! Crazy question, is there a download to the frame (nto sure what else to call it) that is shown in the picture above (the one that says Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded )?
  • fontscafe avatar
    @higgipoo6 Hello! Of course, the "frame" is included into the "Chalk Hand Elements", see the whole "Chalk Hand Lettering" pack here http://fontscafe.com/font/chalk-hand-lettering-pack-fonts (at the bottom of the same page you'll find the "Chalk Hand Elements" separated link too). Contact us through our form http://fontscafe.com/cafeareaform for any further question. Best, Fontscafe
  • KylieB avatar
    Is this font limited to characters only - I seem to be having trouble with numbers?
  • HELLena avatar
    I loved!!

    This font is beautiful, when I can I buy the pack with the Chalk Hand elements.
  • coling avatar
    The lowercase "s" could be anything.
  • Fassbinderisdead avatar
    Very useful font, thnks 4 share...
  • cassyxoxo avatar
  • Ananth avatar
    v.nice. Add me. My fb alchamathu ananth. Tk u.
  • puspuscha avatar
    love this site, it's so nice to find a site which offer cool stuff like this which i love the most 😄 tnx for free dl 😄
  • maryamjabeenshazad786 avatar
    Lovely thanks
  • rideTM avatar
  • flsm2015 avatar
    Perfect!I loved...thanks so much!
  • deepakkumar529992 avatar
    hi there,
    i am interested in this font, please send me details about its commercial use, and pricing etc.

  • marywilson0785 avatar
    How do I get the font on my page or power point. I paid and got the email to download and did. but the font isnt anywhere to pull from.
  • PattyLima avatar
    I just missed the accents '~ ^
  • ReverseImageSearch avatar
    Good one
  • CoryBeevers avatar
    The chalk and letter shade really gives the font a cool effect
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Version 1.00 August 10, 2012, initial release


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