Funky Foodie Doodie Font

by Tup Wanders

Art Deco
Funky Foodie Doodie Font

4 font family styles

Regular Style

Funky Foodie Doodie
truetype 334 glyphs 342 characters

Medium Style

Funky Foodie Doodie Medium
truetype 334 glyphs 342 characters

Bold Style

Funky Foodie Doodie Bold
truetype 326 glyphs 342 characters

Thin Style

Funky Foodie Doodie Thin
truetype 334 glyphs 342 characters
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    About Funky Foodie Doodie Font

    I know a lot of people in the food business like this kind of Art Deco 1930's stuff, I don't exactly know why. But I like making a pastiche of that 30's style, so why not? I started out with the thin version, about a month ago, then made three other fonts and had to return to this one, which was a bit tedious. But I finished it anyway. I'm sure there are people who can use it. For me it's a bit meh.

    If you use this font in your designs, please let me know and show me what you've made. I like that a lot; it's the main reason I make free fonts.
    And if you feel inclined to spend a little (or a lot of) money to support your indie font designer through Paypal: [email protected] - It'll do wonders for your karma, trust me.

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