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About Fractur Font

Fractur is a blackletter font that was created by George Williams in . It was added to FontSpace on

Fractur is licensed as SIL Open Font License (OFL), which means it is 100% free for both personal use and commercial use.

Unfortunately, we have no contact information for George Williams, but if you find any please let us know!

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    The true name of this font is Wittenbach. However, while being digitalized, the big Z has grown too much; also, the long s is missing. This is of importance in the case of German texts.
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    Compare to both original rather similar German fonts: Schmalfette Fraktur; Schmale deutsche Anzeigenschrift. The difference between the Anglo-Saxon and the German fonts is that the latter do have always bounding elements between some letters, thus making only one of two letters, like f and i , long s and t, t and z, c and h, and so on. They are called Ligaturen in German. Also, long s letters are a must in German texts; normal round s letters are used along with them in the same text, but not instead.
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    One could make a truly similar to Wittenbach font while adding Umlauts and a long s out of f within one hour
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    All the 3 above mentioned narrow fonts are needed explicitly for CD/DVD and web inscriptions.
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