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Parisish font by George Williams
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  • RandyMoon avatar
    Love this simple yet creative style!
  • kennan_lee avatar
  • reagan1 avatar
    Matches our party theme perfectly!
  • daynion avatar
    i like this one. its simple, and cute
  • rocky1 avatar
    I love this one!
  • MapleGrove avatar
    this is such a beautiful font - thank you whoever you are for making it. it's similar to the NewYorker font but cleverly avoids the pitfalls of that typeface.
  • Myr avatar
    Clean, cute and beautiful! Thanks a lot!
  • LiviG avatar
    I am lovin' this font so simple but effective!! 😄
  • lov2teach avatar
    Love this font! Thank you!
  • oldfashionedgirl avatar
    This is an awesome free use font, I'll be using it... thanks!
  • zuckingfombie avatar
    Does anyone know where I can get more info about the designer of this font? Like if he has an email or blog or something I can find more personal info about him, wikipedia style lol. I'm making a cute poster dedicated to his font in my Typography class and need to have a paragraph about him on it!
  • coling avatar
    I have had this exact font for many years under the name Parisian. (Bitstream 1992)
  • farmergirl avatar
    Nice! I like it!
  • Smartmil8 avatar
    I like it too.
  • SahibDM avatar
    It's AWESOME 😉
  • Gemscool avatar
    Its Funtastic Font !!!
    thank u fontspace 😘
  • amitmca01 avatar
    hay 'daynion' i love this font . thanks 😄
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The programs to draw the splines of this font are copyright © 1999 by George Williams


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