Gilligans Island Font

by Mark Riddle

Gilligans Island Font

Regular Style

Gilligans Island
truetype 118 glyphs 122 characters
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    About Gilligans Island Font

    Gilligan's Island is a font based on the show of the same name (of course).
    IT was created from scratch by recreating the letters of the opening credits
    and the main title logo. This font is also perfect for giving your documents
    that tropical, fun and informatl look. It is best at larger point sizes.

    Gilligan's Island Font is a complete font with full punctuation, specialty
    characters and numbers. In addition there is a small treat for all you
    castaways, the cartoon characters are alos included in this font! The
    castaways reside in the extended key combonations.

    Gilligan's Island is part of the 5 BUCK FONTS library. If you like it and
    use it, you are required to send in your registration fee of $5 (thats a
    steal for a font like this one). Commercial users are required to pay $10.
    THis font is copurighted material and may not be modified in any way without
    express written consent of the author. You may distribute this font freely
    to others, but the "Read Me" file must accompany the font. I encourage
    shareware font compilations but please ask permission for the use of this
    font on ANY software compilation.


    Commercial licenses

    There are no commercial license purchase options. Contact the designer.
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    5 years ago

    thank you for this amazing font. I just love it <3

    John Joyce
    2 years ago

    I'd like to get a commercial license. At least for the $10 price I saw listed on one site. We're still non-profit - but not by choice! I've tried to track down Mark Riddle unsuccessfully.