ILShakeFest Font

by Illinois Shakespeare Festival

ILShakeFest Font

Regular Style

truetype 72 glyphs 78 characters

    About ILShakeFest Font

    This font is based on the First Folio of Shakespeare. It was designed
    primarily from the main titles (there are several distinct differences
    between titles, text, quotes, character names, etc.). It's a specialized
    font for specific uses, but I think you'll find it enjoyable to have
    available, particularly for creating the correct "feel" in an instantly
    recognizable way for marketing materials for Shakespeare plays or other items
    relating to the period.

    The main structure of this font will work best for limited use (it's great
    for display work, like the titles of the plays). In order to have a font
    that had some additional value, however, we added some characters to aid in
    its use for text. Because it was expected that the use would be mostly for
    titles, it has a more oblique feel than most of the text in the folio and the
    caps are a little fancy for straight text use (but close to the italics used
    for songs or character names). It _does_ have enough available to work with
    some body text.

    Keep in mind that you have to know how the letters are used in order to make
    this font work properly. It would be totally impractical to take a
    manuscript and just select all and switch to ILShakeFest font (yes, that's
    the name of it). The main problem you would have would be in the usage of
    the letter "s" which should have an entirely different look based on the
    position within the word, etc.

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    6 years ago

    This font is terrific. Very much appreciate artists helping other artists. Best wishes for continued success. Thanks.