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Indonesia Script Font

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postscript 477 glyphs 472 characters
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    About Indonesia Script Font

    Indonesia Script & Dermawan Sans
    Designed by Hendra Pratama ©2020.
    The fonts is licensed under donationware.
    It’s free for commercial use, but any donations are very appreciated.
    All donations will be donated through:

    Indonesia Script — A bold, curvy, and playful, fully-connected monolined script.
    Most uppercase letters have a fancy alternate, and the lowercase letters have a bunch selection of alternates for you to select, to suit your typographic best.

    A companion display font is Dermawan Sans. Typically a titling font, it is tall enough for heading, and offcourse large size text are always best for titles.

    Designed to communicate an elite sensibility, this font duo is equally built from the core principle of sophisticated typography. The all-caps titling font has a solid weightiness, delivered in a slightly assertive and vivid clarity.
    And the bold and playful monoline scripts complete the aesthetic. This font duo lets you organize harmonious typography for posters, logotypes, or any multipart media.
    Both fonts supports many languages. Includes numerals, symbols, and plenty alternative letters in the package.

    For more details about all the alternative letters, please open the characters map inside the download package.

    Inside the download package you will get:

    1. Indonesia Script (.otf)
    2. Dermawan Sans (.ttf)
    3. Indonesia Script Characters Map (.pdf)
    4. Dermawan Typeface Characters Map (.pdf)
    5. HP Free Font EULA (.pdf)

    Special thanks to:
    1. Nur Faizin – – for designing + maintaining the website and make this project alive.
    2. Abdullah AKA Adul Mabhal – Brithos Type – for awesome “Good Morning” Poster!
    3. All respectful authors from photos and vectors that have been used in the posters.



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