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Kool Beans font

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Kool Beans font by Insanitype
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Thanks for downloading "Kool Beans" from Insanitype! Font Design. This font is based on the Kool-Aid logo. It kind of reminds me of a retro surf font or something. I think it would work well for a logo. All the brackets and parenthesis as well as the tilde (the squiggley thing at the top-left of your keyboard) are Kool-Aid Man dingbats. Any other international characters produce a dingbat of yours truly. If you use it, please let me know!

BitmapThis is a bitmap font and is best displayed at -1pt (points) — need help?
Kool Beans sample text
Kool Beans (http://moorstat) KoolBean.ttfView Font Info 99 characters — View All


  • taichama avatar
    great font!
  • Tiffany14 avatar
    how do i use the font??
  • polycapman avatar
    Nice font, very great for LOGO Design... Downloaded it for my job design. Thanx man.
  • sallyboy avatar
    Great font, possibility for a jazz band logo. Thank you my friend.
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