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Star Strella font

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Star Strella font by Jaime Rangel Castro
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This font is partial.
For partial version use ] after a letter to display the lowercase ending, use - to display t alternate and use _ to display ll ligature. Example: S-ar Stre_a]
Terms of use:
Free for personal use only.
For commercial purpose and use of the complete version, please read Star Strella-Readme.txt File.
The complete version include:
- Alternates by using Open Type Features or PUA for b d g h j k l o t r s y z and &.
- Ligatures by using Open Type Features or PUA for aa cc dd ee ff ll mm nn oo pp rr ss and tt.
- 3 swashes by using Open Type Features or PUA.
Fonts & Symbols for full version are listed in the Readme File.

Star Strella sample text
Star Strella (Version 1.00 Ja) Star Strella.otfView Font Info 71 characters — View All


  • LexieMad avatar
    how do i get the star?
  • fontspace avatar
    @LexieMad Use the right square bracket ... ] ...
  • JRegio avatar
    @fontspace Yes, @LexieMad by using the right square bracket ... ]
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Star Strella Font


Typeface © (Jaime Rangel Castro). 2018. All Rights Reserved


Free for personal use


Version 1.00 January 30, 2018, initial release


Star Strella is a trademark of Jaime Rangel Castro