January Script Font

by Måns Grebäck

January Script Font

Regular Style

January Script Personal Use
truetype 353 glyphs 360 characters
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    About January Script Font

    NOTE: This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

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    For questions or proposals, feel very free to mail [email protected]

    Visit my website: http://www.mawns.com
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    Vanessa Bays
    11 years ago

    Awwww.. you made this for me since I am a January baby??? Thanks!! JK.. lol I love this, as I am in love with all of your work. Another great font from the Font Master 😄

    Måns Grebäck
    11 years ago

    Haha! Thanks a lot.

    real name on the net? surely you jest
    11 years ago

    I agree with Vanessa (who's no slouch herself, mind you). It's always a pleasure to see a new font from the Font Master! (And every time I check back there's at least one, because your creativity apparently never rests. More than one of your fonts that I've encountered here has driven me to MyFonts (I think I've , — I use a different webonym there, one which might be difficult to recognise as me due to the absence of snake references.) I have a suspicion I will end up seeking out the full version of this one too; I really like the elegant handwritten look. (I have horrible handwriting myself, so when I see a beautiful handwritten-look font I get jealous. 😄 )
    I have been consistently impressed for some time that you've been able to create such a broad variety of styles, and all of them so well done. I'm interested to know what the inspiration is for both the styles and the names of your fonts. Have you posted something of that sort to the web somewhere-or-other? (For reasons that don't seem to have any relationship to my various recent recent internet problems, I can't seem to access your personal site. www.mawns.com, that is. Ah, well, maybe tomorrow. (I find myself saying things like that a lot once I've given up on solving a network "issue."))