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Xenophobia font

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Xenophobia font by Joiro Hatagaya
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Licensed as: Freeware
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One of my classic fonts, based on the ALIENS movie logo. This one is something
ALIENS fans shouldn't miss. Unlike my other fonts this one wasn't intended for
on-screen use, but of course it can be used that way, only preferably at sizes
over 20.

How to get the ALIENS logo? Just type: a L i E N S
The letters and spaces should be used just like that.

How to get the hive logo? Insert a ® symbol, or hold ALT and enter 0174 on the

Xenophobia Nominal sample text
Xenophobia Nominal (1.6 | 02.01.200) Xenophobia Nominal.ttfView Font Info 80 characters — View All


  • smurfyblue avatar
    i have tried using this today,it all seems to work fine except for the small letters all of the except for the letter"a" does not work right all i can get is half of the small letters the capital letters work fine .
    i have been using serif x4 usin this along with having windows 7.
    any ideas?
  • ChanelW avatar
    So perfect. Thank you so much for the commercial use!! (: Very helpful
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©2001 Joiro Hatgaya | Freeware, but look at readme file. | JOIRO@HOTMAIL.COM


1.6 | 02.01.2000