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Something Strange font

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Something Strange font by Jonathan S. Harris
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Something Strange sample text
Something Strange (Version 1.00 Ju) Something Strange.ttfView Font Info 152 characters — View All


  • a1124 avatar
    This is a great font for writing scary or horror stories.
  • Rehayel avatar
    nice 😄
  • applemunch123 avatar
    ------ kool 😄 gr8 fr horror things
  • fangprower avatar
    great for halloween posters
  • OakSoeKhant avatar
    This font style is really good
  • harry444478 avatar
  • harry444478 avatar
    Love it for Halloween
  • morgannabananas avatar
    This font will work great for horror/halloween themed projects 😃
  • sugarsweetXD avatar
    This is an awesome font. Totally using this for my next school writing project.
  • ginarocks1214 avatar
    Cool font
  • Lauza avatar
    love it!!! <3
  • keYserSOze80 avatar
    er, yes please Jonathan, carry on!
  • Carlos554514 avatar
    pero esta fuente no tiene acentos y una letra im´portante como la letra (Ñ) se imaginan escribir (año nuevo) sin esa letra?? coñooooooooo!!!
  • CassandraDeZarn avatar
    I would love to use it for a book i plan to self publish, its beautiful. Sadly I cant cause i am sure that is a commercial use, am I correct?
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TattooWoo avatar TattooWoo


This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from High-Logic.com


Something Strange © (TattooWoo.com). 2013. All Rights Reserved


Version 1.00 June 16, 2013, initial release