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Ming Imperial font

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Ming Imperial font by Juan Casco
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THIS FONT IS JUST FREE FOR PERSONAL USE, commercial use requires donations
Contact me for commercial use at : metanorocker14@hotmail.com

Esta fuente es para uso personal y no comercial,
uso comercial requiere autorización y pago de cuota
Soy de Ecuador, sé hablar español
el uso indebido y no autorizado será penado por la ley de Derecho de Autor

I must confess that the Ming Imperial design, I worked with actual Chinese characters and glyphs, namely the imminent ambiguity that can occur when you write something with the imperial Ming Font, and you show a Latin text that appears in Chinese, but still I do not know for sure at what level might mean something in Chinese "by accident"
I would say 75% min imperial contains Chinese characters or glyphs.
Now I must be clear that if you want to get a tattoo with the Font, I can not make me responsible for what you get tattoo to mean something more, this warning is for tattoo artists and customers.

I had not thought so since I received an email with this question. So anyway, I apologize.

Why is not the same one used in web, printing on fabric or paper ... that tattoo anything on the skin.
Since a tattoo is forever, and we must be very careful.
So if you think anyway make a tattoo with the Imperial Ming font, ask someone to speak and write in Chinese to avoid ambiguity.

I have that Chinese culture is very vast and very interesting.

Ming Imperial sample text
Ming Imperial (Version 1.00 ,©) Ming Imperial.TTFView Font Info 234 characters — View All


  • fontsarethebest77 avatar
  • DarkoJuan avatar
    yes, you´re right, i will correct this mistake
  • fontsarethebest77 avatar
    3 is the mirrored version of e
  • PastazaType avatar
    @fontsarethebest77 , yeah thats its true, but for me , this isnt a mistake
  • aaahRATZZ avatar
    tight its like hidden English my sister thought it was full on Chinese:) good job
  • DarkoJuan avatar
    @aaahRATZZ Thank you, so much.
  • ross2211 avatar
    whoaaaa... nice lor!!
  • Anonymous70s avatar
    ....and my Chinese wife could not understand it either, that it is my name!
  • imtotallycrazy avatar
    my bro didn't even have a clue!!! you ROCK!!! 😄
  • imtotallycrazy avatar
    @fontsarethebest77 i think it just confuses whoever read it for the first time, making it MORE interesting
  • Shu avatar
    it's awesome!
  • nathanso11 avatar
    I hope you realize its not real chinese its like wingdings random symbols assigned to letters of the alphabet if this disappointed any of you
  • Sukhnit101 avatar
    I thought in was Chinese until I looked closely
  • carljune avatar
    well, even though I am a chinese ,I could not understand how the author created it . Some character shape aim't looks a latin word, but anyway ,this might be a good encrypt code for spy mission....
  • Abarai avatar
    2 & Z ????
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DarkoJuan avatar DarkoJuan
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Ming Imperial © 2009. Todos los Derechos Reservados <br>Creado con Font Creator


Version 1.00 ,© 2009 Juan Casco: metanorocker14@hotmail.com


© Juan Casco