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Ticketing font by K-Type
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Ticketing is a monospaced font loosely based on the pixel style lettering of electronic ticketing, designed for clarity when cheaply printed at small sizes. Ticketing, however, has a larger x-height than is often found on ticket type. The glyphs were drawn on a square grid 13 wide by 22 high, though some accented characters are taller or extend below the baseline. The Space is a full character width, but the Non-Breaking Space is set to half the width of the glyphs.

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Ticketing (version 1.01) by Keith Bates • © 2010, 2011 www.k-type.com • keith@k-type.com • TICKETING is a monospaced font loosely based on the pixel style lettering of electronic ticketing but with a larger x-height.


Copyright (c) 2010 by K-Type. All rights reserved.


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Keith Bates


Version 1.01, 2011


Ticketing is a trademark of K-Type.


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