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Kana Word Pitch
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    About Kana Word Pitch Font

    This is a font for displaying the pitch marks above Japanese kana words. It's not good for sentences. I was inspired to make this font after seeing Dogen's Youtube videos and I highly recommend you watch them.

    How to use.
    Just type 2 numbers above the kana. The number of mora in a word and it's pitch number. For example you would type 3 and not 4 for かいしゃ since the しゃ is one mora. Find a dictionary that has the pitch numbers like Jsho (not all dictionaries have them) and use that number as the 2nd number.


    When centering be sure to add a non breaking space after the kana so everything stays lined up.

    かいしゃ(put a non breaking space here if you center or right align your text)

    If the number of mora is beyond 9 use upper case letters. This font can do up to up to 13 mora (バニラクリームフラペチーノ).
    Use capital A for 10.
    Use capital B for 11.
    Use capital C for 12.
    Use capital D for 13.

    Known issues
    1.) Chrome for Windows needs font hardware acceleration turned off when rendering long pitch accents (like 8 or more mora). This does not seem to affect Chrome for Android.
    2.) Chrome has a bug that disables ligatures in Unicode characters when the liga tag is used. This causes the spacing for しゃ and others kana ligatures to be off.

    I am an amateur at creating fonts. I am providing this font as is (don't expect any replies to issues you may have). This font was created by modifying the open source SourceHanSansJP-Regular font. I adjusted the spacing, added ligatures, added pitch marks and removed the kanji to reduce the file size. The font for the kanji in the example image in the left column came from the original SourceHanSansJP-Regular font. The pitch accent font in the right column is this font.

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