KG Build A Game Font

by Kimberly Geswein

KG Build A Game Font

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KG Build A Game
truetype 74 glyphs 76 characters
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    About KG Build A Game Font

    Build your own board game! This unique font contains lots of bits and pieces to put together your very own custom board game. Print the backgrounds large on cardstock and use the blank die outline to createa custom die! This is a great creativity builder for kids- let them create their own game with their own rules!

    Alisha Peare of The Bubbly Blonde has come up with a great free synonym/antonym game to showcase some of the ways you can use this font. Download her excellent game for free here:

    Free for personal use, please pay for commercial use. Thanks!


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    Kimberly Geswein
    11 years ago

    Sara Soucy of Smiling in Second Grade has created an adorable noun game to show a few different pieces of this font as well. Download her game free here:

    Vanessa Bays
    11 years ago

    TOO cute and creative!! Great work KG!

    Kimberly Geswein
    11 years ago

    Also, there is a PDF file included that shows a map of each glyph.

    Cheyenne Jackson
    11 years ago

    Very cute and unique idea! My nieces and nephews will love this. Thank you!

    almost 8 years ago

    Very unique and will help me be a much better math teacher. I have so many ideas but until my very computer savvy 18 year old son explained how to use font and to sign up for this site, I was clueless and drawing things by hand or buying products that did not meet my needs. Being a teacher and a single mom, I do not have the money to pay for products especially if they are not exactly what I need. You have given me so many ideas just seeing this font and this will help educate and raise the math scores of 7th grade remedial math students at my school. Thank you for helping make my ideas come to life.