Language Info

Sindhi written in Khudawadi script

Below you'll find all the characters used to write this language and all the countries where this language is used.

Alternate Scripts for Sindhi

  • Sindhi can also be written using the Arabic script
  • Sindhi can also be written using the Devanagari script
  • Sindhi can also be written using the Khojki script

Standard Characters

The minimal characters required for this language

Auxiliary Characters

Additional letters (beyond the minimal set) used in foreign or technical words found in typical magazines, newspapers, etc..

Punctuation Characters

The marks used to separate sentences and to clarify meaning

Unicode Blocks

Sindhi uses characters from the following Unicode blocks


    The worldwide literate language population for Sindhi is 0 people across 0 countries.


    Our data is sourced from a number of places, and we want to give them credit here. We use ISO639 codes for the country codes that support the language.

    1. Unicode CLDR
    2. CLDR Exemplar Characters