Learning Curve BV Font

by Blue Vinyl

Learning Curve BV Font

4 font family styles

Regular Style

postscript 380 glyphs 369 characters

Bold Style

Learning Curve Bold
truetype 379 glyphs 368 characters

Dashed Regular Style

Learning Curve Dashed
truetype 378 glyphs 368 characters

Dings Regular Style

Learning Curve Dings
truetype 26 glyphs 28 characters Dingbat
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    About Learning Curve BV Font

    From http://www.bvfonts.com/fonts/details.php?id=76

    If you've read the headlines, you know that the majority of schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. Now more than ever the world is in need of Learning Curve! It's the font that can improve your handwriting and it's also just a cute cursive font.

    Learning Curve mimics traditional cursive handwriting worksheets, but with a modern style that I developed from my handwriting.

    This is the second major update. It was a lot of work, but it's finally done!

    In the latest version, you will find a lot of new features. First, the Learning Curve family finally has a bold style! Language support was increased to include Central European. Some characters were redrawn to give them a little more finesse. The dashed version was completely redrawn to eliminate the overlapping dashes. Lastly, a dingbat was created to house the guidelines and drills. Learning Curve has never looked better!

    Here is what's included: Learning Curve Regular, Learning Curve Bold, Learning Curve Dashed & Learning Curve Dings.

    Since the metrics changed in 4.0, version 2.0 can still be downloaded here if you need it.

    Update 2/2/17: Optimized the outlines on the dashed version and cut out 90kb from the file size.

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    13 years ago

    This will be a great tool for teaching:-)

    12 years ago

    Excellent, thank you for this! 😃

    12 years ago

    Thank you! It is very helpful for learning cursive.

    12 years ago

    Thank you for the great fonts! This is very nice. Love it very much 😄

    Cheyenne Jackson
    12 years ago

    This is terrific, not only for learning cursive writing, but to help those who want to improve and learn better penmanship. Beautiful writing!

    11 years ago

    We love this! A caution if used for practice in the classroom. We found for the Southern California Riverside School District, these capital letters are different: K, H, B

    11 years ago

    Love the dashed one! thanls a lot

    Lance De Castro
    11 years ago

    Can you please make it multilingual? Tnx

    6 years ago

    I LOVE this font! However, when I use it in powerpoint, the letters don't connect. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you!

    5 years ago

    why in the world are only some of the letters printing? NOT happy!!!!

    5 years ago

    The latest version is available at my website: bvfonts.com. It's version 4.0. Let me know if that helps, if it doesn't just email me, click the contact link at my website. If anyone at fontspace is listening. I tried logging in to my old account and couldn't do it, wasn't able to reset password either and you should really update to the newer version of Learning Curve.

    5 years ago

    @ASLChic The latest version is available at my website: bvfonts.com. It's version 4.0. Let me know if that helps, if it doesn't just email me, click the contact link at my website.
    Sorry it took so long to respond to this. I was not able to log in to fontspace with my old account. I know how frustrating it can be when your trying to get something done and it's not working and I'm sorry for any trouble.

    john ret
    almost 3 years ago

    how much does it cost to buy it commercially for three books

    Kaycee Howard Rider
    almost 2 years ago

    Hi! This font looks awesome! Is it free for commercial use. Specifically can I use it to create educational products for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers if I cite your website for the creation of the font?