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I had to make some special signs for those khuzdul letters which are for two letters in latin (etc. th, ea, ng...). Here is how to use them:
Press / key for TH sign,
Press ' key for EA sign,
Press ! key for EE sign,
Press @ key for EO sign,
Press + key for NG sign,
Press - key for OO sign,
Press * key for ST sign,
Press # key for SH sign.
This font includes correct khuzdul spacing and punctuation.
If you have any questions, requests, ideas or you want to tell me something nice, you can send me a message on Enjoy mellyn! Suilad!.

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Copyright (c) 2018, LAI This font was made and designed by Lira Jurkovic, you may know me as Adsila Arrowcatcher. Steaing or copying is forbidden.


Version 001.000

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