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PowerDark font

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PowerDark font by LJ Design Studios
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Update Version 1,0003
New symbols and Correction spaced.

To accerder to full typography, please make donation and Contact order to be sending the complete fiente.

Property LJ-Design Studios, commercial use payment should not be implemented in advertising without permits or authorization of their respective creators, if so NECESSARY penalties will apply.

Designed by; Luis Jaramillo
© - 2015 LJ-Design Studios (All Rights Reserved)


Para accerder a la tipografia completa, por favor hacer donación y Contactar a para así estar enviando la fiente completa.

Propiedad de LJ-Design Studios, Uso comercial pago, no debe ser implementada en publicidad sin permisos o Autorización de sus respectivos creadores, de ser así Se APLICARAN LAS SANCIONES NECESARIAS.

Diseñada por; Luis Jaramillo
© - 2015 LJ-Design Studios (Derechos Reservados)

PowerDark Bold sample text
PowerDark Bold (Version 1.00 Ma) PowerDark Bold.ttfView Font Info 54 characters — View All


  • chrisvile avatar
    very nice
  • LordZeDD avatar
    Thanks @Chrisvile it's just something simple
  • LuisRosalez avatar
    Excelente Amigo espere la mía pri!!!!
  • LordZeDD avatar
    @LuisRosalez Listo Mi Pri colega lo espero!!!
  • BRYNDANM avatar
    This font has no numbers/symbols
  • LordZeDD avatar
    Hello @BRYNDANM

    to enter numbers and symbols you must perform a few steps and then make a donation
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LordZeDD avatar LordZeDD
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PowerDark © - 2015. Designe by LJ-Design Studios All Rights Reserved


Luis Jaramillo


Version 1.00 March 1, 2015, initial release


LJ-Design Studios
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