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Opera lyrics font, developed from 19th century opera scores. It uses tight spacing, retains a broken (hand-stamped on engraver plates) character, and is bold enough for any classic musical score. (As of 3/2010, only the Roman version is available.)

Opera-Lyrics Smooth sample text
Opera-Lyrics Smooth (Version 1.65 Se) opera-lyrics-smooth.ttfView Font Info 261 characters — View All


  • Sophie945 avatar
    Good font, it helped me with my project , Thanks 😄
  • kalvos avatar
    Sophie945 (and others): Would anyone be seriously interested in an Italic version? I have some italic text from those old scores, but would have to do some research to recreate a full set.
  • fontologist avatar
    @kalvos I don't know about anyone else, but I would be interested! I like old letterpress/broadsheet style fonts.
  • kalvos avatar
    I'll work on it this summer. Thanks for your note ... the lyrics were punched on metal plates one at a time, so they are marvelously inconsistent from word to word.
  • musikistliebe avatar
    Dear Kalvos,

    thanks so much for this wonderful font. I use it a lot for written music (it adds a certain "serious" touch to my leadsheets and parts) - and my artwork (advertising for old-fashioned concerts). It's perfect!

  • kalvos avatar

    Thanks very much. I've been surprised how much interest there has been. It's appeared not only in musical scores, but in posters & on book covers & even on Facebook memes. A nice response.

    If there are any updates for it, they will be via maltedmedia.com/bathory/ first.

  • Andy63nz avatar
    Terrific font, thanks very much. I was searching for ages to find this. I have used it to create a facsimile recipe from a 19th century ladies'magazine for my information design class.
  • Inkster avatar
    Mark, can you give us a book title using Opera-Lyrics on the cover? I'd like to see it in action. I like this font a lot.
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kalvos avatar kalvos


Created using FontCreator 5.6 from High-Logic.com


Opera-Lyrics © 2009 Dennis Bathory-Kitsz. Released by maltedMedia for noncommercial use under Creative Commons license.


Version 1.65 September 30, 2009, public release