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Steampunk by Marta van Eck Font

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Steampunk by Marta van Eck Font text design
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  • AppleMelody avatar
    This is a really awesome font, my only qualm being you have to type in capitals in order to see the letters. Aside from that, looks great!
  • martavaneck avatar
    Yes. It contains only capitals. I will try to come out with some new version with lower letters too...
  • KLPhair avatar
    How much do we need to donate to use for commercial use?
  • martavaneck avatar
    @KLPhair 20 Euro usually.
  • KLPhair avatar
    @martavaneck Yea we have exchanged emails. I will be sending the payment soon. We are just testing out the font with different textures to make sure it works with those. I have your googlemail to send the payment to from the US.
  • martavaneck avatar
    Updated version with capital and lower letters.
  • martavaneck avatar
    Updated version. Better letters and repaired some problems.
  • LoseCryBlame avatar
    "commercial use requires donation"... not sure that qualifies as a donation if it is required.
  • martavaneck avatar
    @LoseCryBlame This comes not from me. it is the name of the license. This demo version you can use for free for personal projects. if you want to make money with the font you can visit my store and buy professional license for commercial use. You will also get lower letters, numbers and some signs.
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This font was created using FontCreator 6.0 from High-Logic.com


SteampunkFull © Marta van Eck 2016 All Rights Reserved


This font is for commercial use ok.
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Version 1.10 September 11, 2018