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Y14.5M-2009 font by Micronus
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ASME-Y14.5M-2009 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Font

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    This is the new ASME Y14.5-2009 version of the Y14.5M font. It includes upper / lower case with the addition of surface finish, welding and some other metrology related symbols plus composite feature control frames. Unfortunately, it will not be backwards compatible with the Y14.5M version. The font uses the unicode extended characters so some programs may have some issues using the full font. It uses some unusual metrics - reading the PDF files on how it works will help.
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    As fontspace does not allow uploads of .exe files, if you want to get the control program to help you create feature control frames and such with this font, you can find it in two places. It is on my web page at: http://p-00-kanold.com/?page_id=7 but this site is not guaranteed to be available for long. The other place is Elsmar Cove at: http://elsmar.com/Forums/showthread.php?t=8607&page=7 but I believe you may have to join to download the program from there. I hope it will show up other places soon.
    I hope you enjoy the font(s)
  • RbR avatar
    After installing the Y14.5M-2009 font I attempt to use the Y14.5-2009.exe program and keep getting an error saying " The font: Y14.5-2009 is required by this program to run. This font does not appear to be currently not installed. The program will attempt to add it now." Another msg comes up saying that " The Y14.5M-2009 font is already installed. Do you want to replace it?" I did notice that the extracted font file name is Y14.5-2009 but is installed as Y14.5M-2009 in the windows font folder. Do you have a solution? Thank You
  • GrandmasterX avatar
    Hi. I down loaded the generator and fonts. Under feature control frame there is an option to copy characters rather than bitmap and the generated results then paste directly into Excel. When I choose surface finish the option is not there and I can not paste the bitmap into my cell. How can I do this????
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Created with FontForge 2.0 (http://fontforge.sf.net)<br><br>Copyright 2008 Peter Kanold - Public domain for all personal and commercial use.


Version 001.001