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by Curtis Clark


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Moon Phases
truetype 56 glyphs 59 characters Dingbat
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    5 years ago

    Thank the Goddess! I have been looking for moon phases for over a week and just found this one. Perfect for doing my 2019 Lunar Calendar. Thank You!!!!

    Goloka Candra dasa
    2 years ago

    Good work, Curtis Clark. This almost fits the lunar (rather luni-solar) calendar being used all over Asia. Suggestion for further improvement: Make exactly 15 symbols from New Moon (the day after Dark Moon when the first sliver of the Moon's rays show) to Full Moon. And another 15 symbols from the day after Full Moon to Dark Moon.
    This is how the luni-solar month in the lunar calendars used in India, China and other Asian countries are based on. 15 tithis (or phases) of the waning Moon, starting from the day after Full Moon and ending with the Dark Moon. And another 15 tithis of the waxing Moon, starting from the New Moon and ending with the Full Moon..
    You have come close, about 14 symbols for each half of the month. Although you have 15 symbols from Dark Moon to Full Moon, the Dark Moon and the Full Moon are the ending phases of the separate halves of the luni-solar month. So your current font has 14 symbols for each half of the month. Please make it 15 symbols in each half, and it can be used to indicate the tithis (luni-solar days) of the traditional calendars of many Asian countries. The middle symbol (50% black 50% white) in each half-month will be the 8th phase (and not the 7th phase as in current set). Thank you.