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About Morse Coder Font

Morse Coder is a Morse-code font that was created by SpideRaYsfoNtS in . It was added to FontSpace on

Morse Coder is licensed as Demo, which means it is free for personal use only. To use the font commercially, you will need to purchase a license or contact SpideRaYsfoNtS

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I always wanted to create a typeface based on MORSE CODE ever since I found out that the opening titles to one of my favorite TV shows Inspector Morse by composer Barrington Pheloung the opening bars are in fact morse code, as it spelled out his real name . -. -.. . .- ...- --- ..- .-. a work of sheer genius how did we never guess? His first name however was only revealed to us in episode #31 - Death Is Now My Neighbour. Turns out Morse was named after the vessel of is fathers favorite seafarer Captain Cook. However probably the most famous use of the code that was used across the world as a sign of distress all over the globe (Save Our Soles) ... --- ... however the last official code was sent on January 31, 1999 by the French Navy.

Calling all this is our last cry before our eternal silence
-.-. .- .-.. .-.. .. -. --. .- .-.. .-.. - .... .. ... .. ... --- ..- .-. .-.. .- ... - -.-. .-. -.-- -... . ..-. --- .-. . --- ..- .-. . - . .-. -. .- .-.. ... .. .-.. . -. -.-. .

The code is essentially a binary code of ones and zeroes it was created by Samuel F. B. Morse the inventor of the telegraph circa 1844, my upper case letters show the stems and the apex points of the written alphabet that show a visual representation of the code this is the way it was designed to help remember the code for each letter . For example A is representative of the dot at the top of the apex and the dash is the horizontal bar, all the codes for all the letters were designed in this way to make them easier to learn . Hope you like my version the lower case incorporates the same number of dots and longer dashes used in the code at different angles joined together to form the glyph.

That's me signing off for now!
... .--. .. -.. . .-. .- -.-- ... ..-. --- -. - ...

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    This is a sample of 13 lowercase and capitals if you want the fully kerned OTF embeddable commercial version with numbers and accented glyph's please visit my Etsy Store @
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Basic Info

File Name MORSE CODER.ttf
File Size 52kb
Created 12/8/2019 8:16:38 PM
Modified 12/9/2019 9:44:12 PM
Glyph Type TrueType
# Glyphs 97
# Characters 97




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